Now that the weather is getting warmer, there will be more parties, time spent out at restaurants and bars, and many fun holidays coming up where drinking will be involved. In just a few weeks, one of the biggest drinking holidays of the year will arrive: St. Patrick’s Day. Even if you don’t live in a predominantly Irish area, that doesn’t mean people won’t be celebrating the Irish holiday. St. Patrick’s Day can be a very dangerous holiday for those who are both drinking and staying sober. For the drinkers on this holiday, you might think you’re okay to get behind a wheel. For the people who are staying sober, you will have to be extra cautious on the roads in case there are people drinking and driving. To best keep everyone safe on the road, not just on St. Patrick’s Day, but all the time, it’s best not to drink and drive at all.

To ensure your safety, make sure you know everything you need to about drinking and driving. The best practice to follow is by not drinking and driving in the first place. However, we know there are probably a few of you who will be getting behind the wheel after a few drinks. If you are caught drinking and driving, then you’re going to need a DUI lawyer. If you find yourself in a quandary where you’re faced with needing a DUI lawyer, then please don’t hesitate to reach out to Murphy & Price LLP. A law firm that specializes in DUI & traffic offenses, Immigration, State Criminal, and Military Practice, to name a few of our services.

Drinking & Driving Laws You Should Know As A Colorado Resident

As a Colorado resident, it’s in your best interest to know the drinking and driving laws in your state. Since the weather is warming up and enjoyable holidays and parties are probably in your near future, the best way to protect yourself is by knowing your limit when it comes to drinking. Many people who end up getting DUIs generally don’t know what they’ve gotten themselves into, which is why at Murphy & Price LLP, we want to take the time to educate you on the drinking and driving laws in Colorado. Unlike some states, Colorado has both a DUI and a DWAI. In addition, due to the legalization of marijuana, you are able to get a DUI for marijuana usage. If you’re looking to contact a lawyer after an encounter with the law, then take the time to contact Murphy & Price LLP.

The Legal Limit

Do you know the legal limit in Colorado? If you said .08 percent as the legal blood alcohol content level, you’d be mostly right. Did you know that if you blow between a .05 percent and a .08 percent, then you’re liable to get a DWAI? The legal limit is .08 percent in Colorado, just like the rest of the country. However, you’re still able to get in trouble if you blow a blood alcohol content or BAC, of .05 percent or higher. In addition, in Colorado, if your BAC is .02 percent or higher then you’re able to be cited for driving under the influence. This means – for those who don’t drink in BAC percentage levels – that everything depends on your body weight, the amount of time you wait between drinking and driving, and the type of drink you consume. If you are on the smaller side of only about 100 pounds, you’ll maybe be able to have one drink and then have to wait before you can get in the car. If you are a little heavier, you’ll be able to have one drink without going over the .02 percentage mark. Basically, if you’re looking to drink and drive based on the legal limit it would be best if you had only one drink, if any, or you can make the smart decision by taking advantage of the many great apps for transportation to get home.

Where To Store Alcohol In Your Car

Do you know where you should store alcohol in your car? Do you know the laws against open containers? If you said your alcohol should be stored and sealed in your car’s trunk you would be correct. First, you have to be over 21 years of age to be able to store alcohol in your car. Second, if you’ve opened a bottle of alcohol such as wine, then you have to reseal if and put it in the trunk. While driving, you should not have an open alcohol container and no one in the vehicle should be drinking. In addition, if you have marijuana it should also be stored in the trunk with the alcohol. If a policeman sees alcohol or marijuana in the open, then they’ll have more of a reason to be able to check the car for any other signs of illegal behavior.

The DUI And The DWAI

As we touched upon earlier, there are DUIs and DWAIs. A DUI is Driving Under the Influence and you are able to receive one if your blood alcohol content level is .08 percent or above. When you receive a DUI in Colorado, a few things can happen. First, it depends on whether you have gotten a DUI before. If you haven’t, then you are still liable to have your license suspended, pay a fine, participate in public service, go to jail, or go on parole once out of jail. When you are charged with a DWAI or Driving While Ability Impaired, which is between .05 percent and .08 percent, you are still liable to get in as much trouble as you would with a DUI. Similarly to a DUI, a DWAI comes down to whether this is your first offense or not. When you are charged with a DWAI, you can have points added to your license, a license suspension, and jail time.

The best option you can make is to take advantage of the taxi services, transportation apps, or get a ride with a sober person at the party or bar with you. To avoid spending thousands on one night of fun, take the time to think before you get in a car and not drink and drive. If you have found yourself faced with a DUI or even a DWAI and are in need of legal help, then contact Murphy & Price LLP.