DUIs are never fun to experience. From getting stopped on the road by a law enforcement official to dealing with the court fees that follow, DUIs can be a time- and money-consuming hassle to deal with to say the least. On top of that all, you may feel a variety of emotions, ranging from guilt for getting behind the wheel intoxicated in the first place to uncertainty and confusion about how the charge will affect your future, family, and career.

No one wants to experience the legal proceedings of a DUI alone. That’s why hiring a DUI lawyer to work on your behalf during this tumultuous time is essential. If this is the first time you’ve been charged with a DUI or DWAI, you might be tempted to go through the process alone without hiring an attorney, but the benefits of working with an experienced DUI lawyer far outweigh the money you think you may be saving from not hiring legal representation. From their expertise in the legal and court systems to their knowledge with plea bargains, a DUI attorney will be able to provide you with guidance, knowledge, and peace of mind.

Here at Murphy & Price, LLP, we understand the wide array of emotions that may be churning in your head. Confusion, frustration, anger, guilt, and stress are normal to experience after getting charged with driving under the influence. That is why we believe legal representation is the best possible option for you as you make your way through the legal proceedings that follow.

Every year, about 30,000 individuals get arrested for driving under the influence. Whether you are a civilian charged with driving under the influence, or you’ve been charged with a DUI on a military base and are looking for a military DUI lawyer, an experienced lawyer can provide you with the the legal resources that are necessary for creating a solid defense for you. If you’ve been trying to find a lawyer, schedule your consultation with one at Murphy & Price, LLP today.

Why You Should Hire A DUI Lawyer To Work Alongside You

Like stated above, you may not think that hiring an attorney is necessary. While it’s not required, the legal assistance of an experienced lawyer with a successful track record in court will benefit you in the long run.

They’ll help you decide to plead guilty or not guilty

Depending on the unique circumstances of your DUI, you may feel inclined to plead guilty. And if your BAC was higher than .15 when you were stopped, to you, a non-lawyer, this may seem like the best option. However, when you work with a DUI lawyer, they will be able to highlight and clarify legal proceedings, like law enforcement procedures and sentencing, that you may not have known about prior. The advice that an experienced attorney can offer you can affect the severity of the consequences and penalties you might be facing, and could even lessen the severity of your charge and sentence. Working with a lawyer during the process, whether you plead guilty or not, can impact your life, legally and financially. There is no reason not to hire legal representation to walk with you through these processes.

What You Can Expect In Court With A Lawyer Representing You

When you get charged with driving under the influence, you most likely experience a wave of emotions, simply from getting stopped by the police. The legal proceedings that follow can be just as exhausting. The legal representation, assistance, and guidance of a DUI attorney can provide you with resources you may not have otherwise had access to, as well as peace of mind. While walking into court is never a fun experience, having the support of an experienced lawyer can allow you to breathe.

So what can you expect walking into your first DUI court hearing?

Accompanied by your lawyer, you will go before the judge in the County Court. Your rights will be reviewed and your charges will be read to you, during a process called an advisement in the first court appearance. While the court television shows depict the arraignment happening at the beginning of the legal case, this part actually is the last step in a DUI case because many defendants decide to plead guilty.

Before you get sentenced, you’ll make an appearance in court two or three times. During these court hearings, your DUI attorney will be a resource to speak to or meet with to provide additional advice, as well as to review the DUI litigation. Having a lawyer’s support and navigation as your go attend your court hearings can ease my mind and provide you with confidence.

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Why You Should Hire A Private DUI Attorney Over A Public Defender

When in the midst of facing criminal charges, like a DUI, seeking out legal representation may be the first step you take. Like mentioned above, there are immense benefits to hiring an attorney to work on your case.

There are two types of legal representation available: private attorneys and public defenders. There are advantages to working with either a public defender or private attorney. For one, public defenders are assigned to your case by the court, and are often the best possible option for defendants who cannot afford to hire a private lawyer (you will have to prove that you do not have the financial resources available to hire private representation before a public defender is assigned to your case). While public defenders are knowledgeable and committed to working on your behalf, they often lack the time necessary to devote to you and your unique situation because they are also working on many other cases in conjunction. They won’t be as flexible to meet with you or talk with you on the phone as much as a private attorney will be.

A private DUI attorney, on the other hand, will have the time and resources available to devote to their clients and be as hands-on and involved in the case as necessary. While the price of private lawyer services can be steep, they can save you money in the long-run because they are dedicated to helping their clients and working toward the best possible outcome of their case.

Work With A DUI Attorney At Murphy & Price, LLP

Whether you are a civilian or you are on active duty, getting charged with intoxicated driving and subsequently facing jail time can be a difficult, emotional, and frustrating experience. Each and every situation is different, but when you choose to work with a trusted DUI lawyer, you are benefiting yourself, your future, your family, and your career in the long-run.

The attorneys at Murphy & Price, LLP have the experience necessary to create a solid defense for you and work toward the best possible outcome in your situation. Providing you with peace of mind, a lawyer who has a successful record in court, whether that be court martial or federal court, will work alongside you as a legal resource during this hard time in your life.

If you’re trying to find a lawyer in the Colorado Springs area, do not hesitate to contact Murphy & Price, LLP. Schedule a free consultation today to meet with a lawyer.

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