How are federal criminal prosecutions different from similar criminal cases tried in state courts?

First, remember that not all crimes can be tried in federal court. The federal government has limited jurisdiction and can only prosecute crimes that are specifically defined in the federal criminal code. In order to have jurisdiction, the crime needs to either somehow involve the federal government or some degree of interstate commerce. Frequently, federal courts can be expansive in their interpretations of what constitutes interstate commerce, and crimes that were traditionally prosecuted within state courts are now being prosecuted in federal court.

The law enforcement agencies that investigate and prosecute federal crimes are very different from their state counterparts. Federal agencies are usually staffed with highly experienced prosecutors, agents, and investigators, and they enjoy virtually unlimited resources at their disposal.

Most importantly, federal crimes usually carry harsher sentences, particularly when it comes to crimes like drug trafficking, conspiracy, and cases involving child pornography and other sexual offenses. As a result, the mandatory minimum penalties often result in lengthy prison sentences for those people convicted. That’s why, if you’ve been accused or are being investigated for a federal crime, it’s important to retain a criminal defense attorney with a successful record in federal court.

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