The laws regarding immigration can be complex and confusing for all sides involved. With constant reforms to the requirements and regulations regarding employment, naturalization, and asylum, it is understood if many immigrants, legal and otherwise, become overwhelmed by the system.

immigrant_ipmageFocusing on those affected by immigration law, the team at the Law Office of Warren D. Price offers assistance in a variety of ways. Though navigating the intricate web of challenges of immigration can be daunting and time-consuming, our law firm provides advocacy to immigrants and all that it entails.

Both legal and undocumented immigrants rely on immigration lawyers from Murphy & Price, LLP for representation with the following:
  • Removal proceedings – Including those threatened with removal for expired visas, criminal offenses, or for staying outside of the US for extended periods.
  • Visa applications – Includes the processing of applications for green cards or visas for family members, fiances, and education or work visas.
  • Naturalization processes – And other matters regarding citizenship.
  • Refugee and asylum cases.

Whether intentional or not, breaking the immigration laws of the United States often results in stiff penalties. Furthermore, immigrants residing in the US that break the law in other ways face harsh consequences as the government is authorized to take several actions should you be convicted of a crime during your stay here.

Backed by years of experience in criminal law in Colorado, our immigration attorneys have acted as representation for immigrant clients that have been charged with:
  • DUI and drunk driving
  • Drug crimes
  • Traffic violations
  • Theft, embezzlement, or money laundering
  • Harboring a known criminal
  • Fraud
  • Employment violations

Contact our team at Murphy & Price, LLP now for a more comprehensive consultation regarding immigration laws and their regulations regarding criminal offenses.