Seeing those crimson and cerulean lights in your rearview mirror can make your stomach drop with anxiety. Even if you’re familiar with the cops, it can still be a shock to see those lights flashing, waiting to come for you. If you’ve been arrested and charged with a crime, one that’s a little more severe than a municipal crime, it can be nerve-wracking when you don’t know what to do next. When you’ve been charged with a crime you’re innocent until proven guilty, so it’s important to really take into consideration your next steps. If you’ve been charged with a criminal charge in a district court; do you know what to do next? If you’ve found yourself in a difficult situation, then it’s time to contact a criminal defense attorney who will make sure to fight for your rights. Murphy & Price LLP is that law firm that will address your criminal charges in a district court.

What Is A District Court?

A district is an area of a place such as a country, city, or state that generally has the same characteristics to lump them together. A district court consists of the state trial courts within one state. In Colorado, the district courts have been set up by the state Constitution. The Colorado Constitution addresses the need for courts that record trials with general jurisdiction. There are 22 districts in the entirety of Colorado and each one has limited jurisdiction. If you’ve gone to a district court and decide to appeal your case, the case can in some circumstances go to the Colorado Supreme Court, which oversees all of the State of Colorado.

The state’s district courts address general jurisdictions in the courtroom. Some of the different types of cases that go through district courts are cases involving minors such as juvenile delinquency, dependency, adoption, and paternity. The district court also deals with mental health cases, probate, family law, felony criminal cases, civil cases, and domestic relations. If you’re facing charges or have a case dealing with any of these topics, then you’ll find yourself in a district court.

What Happens When You Have To Go To A District Court?

When you’ve been charged with a crime where you have to go to a district court or you have a case that involves going to a district court, you’re going to need to hire a reliable, experienced lawyer. A criminal defense attorney will help you get the guidance and assistance you need to overcome your charges for your case. When you go to a district court, your lawyer will be by your side to assist you in fighting your charges. Even though you may be in a district court, it’s important to treat the situation as seriously as possible. When you’ve had a complaint or a charge filed against you, you need to go to court ready to face the judge, magistrate, or jury. With the help of your criminal defense attorney, you’ll have a strategy to figure out how you can get the minimum punishment for your crime.

How Can Murphy & Price LLP Help You?

At Murphy & Price LLP, we base our foundation on honesty, integrity, and efficiency. No one wants to hire a mediocre criminal defense lawyer, which is why we strive to be as informed and knowledgeable as possible. By defending you to the best of our abilities, we’re prepared to fight for your rights. We provide a voice for those who cannot fight for themselves. We have the experience to give you the legal help you desire and we treat each case that comes to us as unique. Even if we have experience with a certain type of case, we know that each case is different and should be treated as such. With our legal skills, we’ll give you the defense you need so you’re able to put the past behind you and move on. If you’re interested in hiring an experienced lawyer, contact Murphy & Price LLP by filling out the form below.

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