Whether you are an undocumented immigrant or you’re a legal resident or citizen, you can still live in fear of getting deported from the United States. Even though you have gone through all of the proper procedures, you probably still feel that sinking pit in your stomach when the word ‘deportation’ is uttered. As an immigrant, it’s important that you’re as informed as possible to know when you can get deported. Instead of living in fear of deportation, you should take the opportunity to learn everything possible to ensure you are able to stay in the United States. At Murphy & Price LLP, we know how hard you’ve worked to ensure you stay in the country, which is why if you’re faced with any immigration problems, we’re here to advocate for you. Our law firm can help you to the best of our abilities with our knowledgeable and experienced criminal defense attorneys. If you’re facing removal or deportation, then it’s time to contact a criminal defense attorney at Murphy & Price LLP.

Ways An Immigrant Can Be Deported

There are many ways an immigrant can be deported in the United States. By following the laws and making sure you’re reporting everything you need to, you’re able to stay in the country. If you’ve found your visa being threatened with deportation without you doing any of the activities below, then it’s time to call a criminal defense attorney. If you haven’t broken any of the laws or any of the below ways to be deported and you’re being threatened with deportation, you’re able to build a case to support staying in the United States. The United States is built on a fair legal system and if you feel like you’re being treated unfairly, then you have the ability to seek legal help.

Disobeying Your Visa

The first way you could get deported is by not obeying the terms of your visa. If you’re working in the United States and you have a visa, but you disobey it by going against the terms, then you can get deported. A good example is if you are visiting the United States as a tourist and you decide to stay here and work without prior authorization. You’re unable to work in the United States if you don’t have the proper visa to do so. If you don’t abide by the guidelines of your visa, then you can get deported.

Public Assistance

If you have filled out documents and asked for public assistance, then you can get deported. When you are receiving public assistance, instead of being supported by your sponsor or petitioner, then you’re breaking the rules of your visa. Immigrants are unable to receive public assistance and that includes anything considered to be need-based government assistance. For example, if you’re an immigrant you can’t receive government housing, food stamps, or Medicaid, to name a few government assistant programs.

Failing To Report Change Of Address

When you fail to report your change of address to the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services, within the designated time of moving, then you’re also able to get deported. When you don’t report your change of address – which you can do online – then you’re breaking the terms of your visa. You need to report the change of address so the USCIS is able to keep tabs on each immigrant that lives in the United States.

Committing A Crime

In a past blog, Will A DUI Result In Deportation For An Immigrant?, we went over whether or not you’re able to get deported due to a DUI. To expand on the topic, if you commit a crime as an immigrant, then you’re able to get deported. Crimes that are liable to get you deported are money laundering, espionage, rape, murder, aggravated felonies, terrorism, sabotage, fraud, and firearm trafficking to name a few of the crimes. The judge and the immigration authorities are the determining factors on whether your crime is classified as a lawful reason to deport you no matter what the crime may be. The best way to avoid possible deportation is to not commit a crime in the first place.

The Violation Of Immigration Laws

Lastly, the violation of immigration laws is able to get you deported. The violation of immigration laws is basically participating in a marriage that’s a fraud and smuggling in undocumented aliens to name a few of the most important violations of the immigration laws. By violating immigration laws, you’re committing a crime and can thus be deported because you’re breaking the terms of your visa.

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