statedefense_ipimageIt’s been said that the United States has the best legal system in the world given our belief that everyone is entitled to a fair trial and that the accused are innocent until proven guilty. However, sometimes law enforcement officials and prosecutors can forget these concepts when filing charges or investigating those accused of a crime.

If you’re facing criminal charges for the first time, or if you’ve been through the process before, it’s important that your criminal case is handled correctly by an experienced lawyer.

Whether you’re trying to keep your record spotless or avoid prison time,
there’s a lot at stake.

Usually, the more serious the offense, the more likely that a first-time conviction could result in going to jail or prison. If the defendant has a prior criminal record, this can be especially true.

If you’ve already been arrested and charged with a misdemeanor or felony, or if you suspect you’re being investigated and charges are forthcoming, contact the Law Office of Warren D. Price. Attorney Price has defended hundreds of criminal cases that have ranged from DUIs to serious felonies and federal cases. He handles cases located in Colorado’s El Paso County, Teller County, Eagle County, and Summit County.

The consequences of a conviction can be devastating. It can result in fines, incarceration, and a record that follows you for the rest of your life. That’s why you can’t afford to leave the outcome of the trial up to chancel; you need to work with a criminal defense attorney who’s formidable and who will make the strongest case possible.

Don’t wait to contact us until criminal charges have been filed against you. The sooner you contact our office to find a lawyer, the sooner we can begin preparing a rigorous defense.

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