Defending Servicemembers Stationed at Fort Carson and Colorado Springs Air Force Bases

Colorado Springs is home to tens of thousands of military service members and their families. Fort Carson provides a large Army presence in the area while Peterson, Cheyenne Mountain, and Schriever Air Force Bases and the Air Force Academy keep the Airmen population thriving. Because the military has its own justice system and laws that service members must abide by — the Uniform Code of Military Justice (UCMJ) — many people (legal teams and servicemembers and their families alike) just assume that the resources used in their trials are limited to what is issued. This could not be further from the truth!

According to military justice, every person has the right to provide a defense, even for a simple counseling statement or Article 15. When Soldiers and Airmen face charges on post/ base or are accused of a crime that breeches state or federal jurisdiction, their legal defense should not be left to the overwhelmed military lawyers. Additionally, when civilians are charged with violating a law on post/ base, civilian lawyers may not have a full understanding of how to defend their clients in this unique situation. This is where the legal expertise of the criminal defense attorneys at Murphy and Price, LLP makes all the difference.