In Colorado, the Department of Regulatory Agencies (DORA) errs on the side of protecting the people. What this means for you as a licensed professional is if someone does not like the way you do business, your livelihood may be on the line. As a licensed professional working for an employer, your license, nor your job, are protected. When you are facing a DORA complaint or grievance against your license, you need the help of an experienced DORA complaint lawyer to help protect you and your future.

DORA complaints can often be resolved by filing a thorough and sound written response to the regulatory board. This first response solidifies your position to the Board and can be the difference between a dismissal of the complaint and a lengthy investigation as a part of a full-blown formal hearing. An improper or poorly written response to a DORA complaint can result in you being required to defend your professional license against the attorney general’s office.

At the Law Offices of Murphy and Price, we have several decades worth of experience navigating the complexities of the Department of Regulatory Agencies’ various policies. We can guide you through responding to a complaint against your license and represent you at a formal hearing if there is one.