So, you’ve been caught using an unauthorized ski pass; what do you do now? It’s time to find a lawyer at Murphy & Price LLP to represent you. Getting caught with an unauthorized ski pass may not sound that illegal, but in Colorado, it’s against the law to use fraudulent ski passes. This practice is also known as the Deceptive Use Of Ski Facilities. If you’re a tourist, you might not be aware of the rules in Colorado when it comes to skiing and other activities. To be honest, many locals probably don’t know all of the laws either. Just because you’re naive doesn’t mean you’re able to wiggle your way around the rules. As a criminal defense lawyer who specializes in criminal defense of Colorado tourists, we want to make sure you’re protected while on vacation the same way you are at home. Murphy & Price LLP is able to give you the criminal defense help you need. If you’re a tourist who is in trouble with the law, then come to our law firm to find a reliable lawyer who will give you the defense you require.


Welcome to beautiful, cloudless Colorado where the mountains are perfect for snow sports, the sun never seems to dim in brightness, and the weather is fantastic year-round. Colorado is one of the best places to come for winter sports because of the beautiful mountains and the great resorts where you can ski and snowboard. As a place that has a lot of local winter sports lovers and a lot of visitors from all over the country, we have many laws in place to protect those who visit the resorts as well as the resort owners.

Unauthorized Ski Passes

One of the most important laws you need to keep in mind as a tourist in Colorado is the Use Of Unauthorized Ski Passes or the Deceptive Use Of Ski Facilities. What exactly is an unauthorized ski pass and how do you know if you’re using one? An unauthorized ski or snowboard pass is when you borrow, steal, or counterfeit a ticket, or get on a lift without a pass at all. To protect the resorts from fraudulent ski passes, the state of Colorado implemented these laws. The use of unauthorized ski passes has increased and the reinforcement of these laws have required a special focus. Due to the many ways a ski pass can be administered, such as paper tickets, coupons, pins, badges, and digital, the enforcement of fraudulent ski lift tickets has increased.


  • Not purchasing ski passes from unauthorized sources
  • Inspecting the availability of ski days
  • Checking your ticket through the Ski Pass Balance
  • Calling the resort to confirm the number of check and block

Avoid purchasing ski tickets that have been resold, stolen from another person, borrowed from another person, counterfeited, or using a ski pass that hasn’t been paid for.

What Happens If You Get Caught Using An Unauthorized Ski Pass?

At one point, resorts would only pull the passes of skiers who had unauthorized ski passes, until recently when they began to prosecute skiers more vigorously because the practice was becoming too popular. Colorado takes the use of unauthorized ski passes seriously. When you’re caught using a fraudulent ski pass, there are a few penalties you’re liable to face. First, a fine of $300 to $500 must be paid. In addition, jail time is also a possibility. In some cases, you’re also liable to pay a fine and face jail time. The best way to contest the use of unauthorized ski passes, especially as a Colorado tourist, is by hiring a lawyer who is able to fight your case.

If you’ve been caught using unauthorized ski passes in Vail, Breckenridge, elsewhere along the I-70 Corridor, or Lake County, then trust that you can find a lawyer to represent you in court at Murphy & Price LLP. Contact us today to help you fight authorized ski pass charges.