Happy Halloween, Colorado Springs!

While we want all of your little kiddos to be safe while trick or treating, this post is geared toward the 21 and uppers who will be celebrating Halloween this evening. Will you be crawling the local bars or breweries tonight or heading to a wild house party? Keep the following tips in mind to have a safe, fun, and law enforcement-free night… unless, of course, that’s your costume.

Keep Your Stuff Safe

Ladies, it is simply not a good idea to bring purses or bags out to the bars, especially if you plan on drinking. Instead, keep your driver’s license, cash, credit card, and eyeliner pen in your pocket. No pockets on your stylish costume? Let your date hang onto them for you, or put them in your boots. Boots can make excellent pockets. Men, don’t be stingy with your pockets, and all of you, be sure to check for your wallet and other personal items periodically. You don’t want to realize that you dropped your credit card only after getting home for the night.  

Keep Yourself Safe

As always, be sure to drink or smoke responsibly. Always have a designated driver or another plan for getting home if you’ll be under the influence, be it an Uber or other taxi service, a friend, or even your mom. Trust us, Mom would rather pull herself out of bed at two in the morning to drive you and your friends home from the bars than wake up to your right to a phone call.

Keep Others Safe

While it would be great if kids were required to wear reflective tape on their Halloween Costumes, chances are you’ll encounter at least one youngster running around in all black. Keep your eyes open, especially if you’ll be behind the wheel tonight.  

While we hope for the best, we understand that DUI/DWAI arrests do happen. If you’re facing a DUI or DWAI charge in El Paso, Teller, Eagle, or Summit Counties this Halloween, please don’t hesitate to contract Attorney Price, our trusted and experienced DUI lawyer.