Colorado takes DUI offenses very seriously. Even first-time offenders could be facing thousands of dollars in costs, a three-month suspension of their driver’s license, an interlock ignition device, and potentially even time in jail. While those penalties are bad enough, they can be even worse for repeat offenders because of Colorado’s repeat offender laws.

When you end up being charged with a DUI on more than one occasion in the state of Colorado, you’ll face higher fines, more jail time, and much harsher penalties. A second or third charge can result in losing your license for up to two years, up to one year in jail, up to 120 hours in community service, and up to $2000 in fines.

Governor John Hickenlooper signed a bill in 2015 that makes your fourth DUI “punishable by up to six years in prison and a fine of as much as $500,000,” according to Colorado Public Radio. It also makes this fourth charge a felony. Up until the signing of this law, all DUIs, no matter how many of them you had, were misdemeanors. A felony charge on your record has far-reaching long-term effects on the rest of your life.

The issue is that Colorado doesn’t look at how long ago your other DUI charges happened. Even if your first DUI charge occurred 25 years ago, you’ll be facing charges as a second-time offender the next time. That’s why it’s important to fight your DUI charges as hard as you can with an experienced DUI lawyer by your side.

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