The holiday season is a time of year when many businesses trying to wrap things up and wind down as the year comes to a close. That’s not the case for our DUI lawyer in Colorado Springs. This can be an especially busy time of year for our office. That’s because the holidays always see an increase in the instances of drunk driving. Two of the most deadly holidays are New Year’s Eve and Thanksgiving, which are only separated by about five weeks. That means from early November to late January, we’ll be answering a lot of calls from people looking for an experienced DUI lawyer. But what causes the increase?

More gatherings with friends and family.

This is the time of year when holiday parties are starting to take over your calendar. You probably have plans with family members, co-workers, friends, and more. While all of these parties are a great opportunity to catch up and enjoy seasonal festivities with the ones that you love, they can also be a temptation to drink and drive. Most holiday parties have alcohol in some form, and you might forget how many drinks you’ve had before you head out the door and get into your car to go home.

Higher alcohol consumption

A lot of people simply drink more alcohol during the holidays. Whether it’s because of their holiday parties or their love of traditional eggnog in front of the fire at home, alcohol consumption soars during the holiday season. A lot of people who might not normally drink much during the holidays can find themselves drinking more than they normally do between Thanksgiving and the New Year. It can be difficult to judge your drinking limit, especially if you don’t normally drink much anyway. This can lead people to assume they are fine when they get behind the wheel, only to discover their BAC is much higher than they thought when they are pulled over by the police.

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