When looking for a law firm in Colorado Springs, you may think it’s as easy as searching “best law firms near me” online. While this is a great starting point, you must also consider which firm has the qualities necessary to represent you through your legal matters. After all, you deserve an attorney that meets your needs and serves your values. Learn more about the four qualities to look for in a law firm, then contact Murphy & Price, LLP to discuss your case.


No matter what area of law you need help with, you need a law firm with experience. The more familiar your lawyer is with your type of case, the more successful they are likely to be in a court setting. At Murphy & Price, LLP, we have experience in everything from tourist crimes to military law.

Positive Reputation

A law firm with a positive reputation is a must. A positive reputation means the firm’s clients have been left satisfied with their services, so it’s important to find a firm with great reviews. Murphy & Price, LLP has countless positive testimonials to support our reputation as the best law firm in Colorado Springs.


When you have a legal case, there isn’t time to spare. That’s why you deserve a law firm that’s easily accessible. They should be easy to contact and have convenient office hours. At Murphy & Price, LLP, clients can reach us online, over the phone, or at our office between 9 am and 5 pm daily.


Finally, if you’re looking for a law firm, they should be cost-friendly. Many law firms have excessive or hidden fees, so it’s important to find one that suits your budget and is upfront with their costs. Murphy & Price, LLP is pleased to offer affordable legal services and complimentary legal consultations.

As long as you find a law firm with these qualities, you’re sure to get the best legal representation possible. At Murphy & Price, LLP, we proudly possess all these qualities and more, so contact us today to discuss your case.