A civil case that results from white collar crime charges may be brought by either the alleged victim(s) of the crime, by the government, or both. Because white collar crimes are those that result in profits, the alleged victims may seek disgorgement, restitution, repayment, asset forfeiture, or recovery from financial loss. Other potential consequences of a white collar crime conviction include government seizure of funds and assets, fines, prison sentences. Many times, the charges alone are enough to elicit bad press that may have devastating consequences on your reputation and the success of your company or organization. Many individuals and businesses are content to resolve accusations without the expense or time of litigation or trial, and instead, settle outside of court before formal criminal charges are filed. While you may be tempted to believe this may help protect your reputation, it may actually invite blackmail and appear that you are sweeping the issue under the proverbial rug. Instead of letting your customers take a portion of your hard-earned money, get the legal defense you deserve and keep your organization and your assets intact.

Potential White Collar Defenses

It is common that when people invest in something and don’t see the results they expected, they retaliate by claiming they were a victim of fraud. As experienced defense attorneys who have been serving the area for more than two decades, we have seen this situation far too often — when you are successful, everyone wants a piece of the pie. Fortunately, the US legal system presumes innocence until guilt is proved beyond a shadow of a doubt, and alleged victims will have to prove that you or your organization intended to fraud or deceive them to make a profit. Some defenses that have been used to successfully avoid a federal white collar crime conviction include:

  • There was no gain,
  • It was not an organizational crime, but an individual within the organization,
  • No one was injured and no damage occurred,
  • You didn’t have the intent required for the crime you are charged with,
  • There was police misconduct during your arrest or the investigation,
  • Entrapment.

Your Top Rated Local® Federal Criminal Defense Attorney

Felony white collar crimes are serious and charges may originate from individual civil cases, state cases, or felony federal cases. If you or your organization are caught in the legal crosshairs facing embezzlement or fraud charges, enlist the help of the talented criminal defense team at the Law Offices of Murphy and Price, LLP. Our experienced Colorado Springs-based legal team can help you decide which options you have and aggressively defend your white collar crime case. Contact us to schedule your consultation today.