1. The Police Are Cracking Down on DUIs This Holiday Season

    Our Colorado Springs DUI lawyer has been getting a lot of calls recently thanks to a drunk driving crackdown in Colorado. Law enforcement agencies often start DUI crackdown operations during the holiday season. That means they might have more officers out on the road looking for drunk drivers or they may set up more checkpoints on major roads. Locally, the Colorado Department of Transportation sta…Read More

  2. How to Tell You’ve Had Too Much to Drink

    It can be tough to know when you've had too much to drink. Our DUI lawyer in Colorado Springs receives calls all the time from clients who are shocked they were over the legal limit after just a few glasses of wine. The legal BAC limit of 0.08 doesn't leave a lot of room for error, and you could be close to that limit after recently consuming just a few drinks. Everyone is different, though, so th…Read More

  3. What a Study Found About Colorado Springs DUI Offenders

    Most people know that the legal limit for operating a vehicle is a BAC of .08. If you are caught driving with a BAC above that, you are going to be facing a DUI charge. Our DUI lawyer in Colorado Springs know that even if you have a BAC under the legal limit, you could be facing charges. What a lot of people don't know, though, is that having a blood alcohol content level of .15, or almost twice …Read More

  4. How to Avoid a DUI This Holiday Season

    A DUI is a preventable crime. It doesn't mean you have to avoid drinking this holiday season, though. You can sip on some New Year's champagne or toast your friends and family with some egg nog and avoid the cost and embarrassment of a DUI. Here are some of our suggestions about how to enjoy yourself this holiday season and still get home safely. Call an Uber or Taxi Taxis are plentiful in the Col…Read More

  5. Could You Be Falsely Accused of Drunk Driving?

    If you've never been arrested for a DUI, you might think there is no way that an officer could wrongfully arrest someone for the charge. After all, they have to take a breathalyzer test, right? Unfortunately, many of the people who have been charged with a DUI can tell you that wrongful arrest is a very real and very serious problem when it comes to DUI charges. Our DUI lawyer in Colorado Springs …Read More

  6. How to Mitigate the Damage of a DUI (Part 2)

    We mentioned in part 1 of this blog series that prosecutors and judges in Colorado want to punish DUI offenders to the fullest extent of the law. That could mean huge fines and even jail time. These aren't the only ways that a DUI can hurt you, though. A DUI is becoming more expensive, too. While the average cost of a DUI about a decade ago was around $10,000, you can expect to see closer to $13,…Read More

  7. How to Mitigate the Damage of a DUI (Part 1)

    Many people say that when they've first been charged with a DUI, they feel like their life is over. It isn't, but it might feel like that at first. A DUI is a serious charge and something that the State of Colorado takes very seriously. Prosecutors and judges will work to punish you to the full extent of the law. Our DUI lawyer in Colorado Springs has it happen time and time again. Here is one way…Read More

  8. What Colorado’s Repeat Offender Laws Mean for Your DUI Charge

    Colorado takes DUI offenses very seriously. Even first-time offenders could be facing thousands of dollars in costs, a three-month suspension of their driver's license, an interlock ignition device, and potentially even time in jail. While those penalties are bad enough, they can be even worse for repeat offenders because of Colorado's repeat offender laws. When you end up being charged with a DUI…Read More

  9. What To Do When You Are Pulled Over for a DUI

    Getting pulled over is always stressful. You may not know why the officer has decided to pull you over, and it might come as a shock when they ask you to take a breathalyzer test because they suspect you've been drinking. If you are in this situation, there are a number of things you can do to help yourself before you call our DUI lawyer in Colorado Springs: Be polite. Your stress level will be hi…Read More

  10. The Facts on Marijuana DUIs in Colorado

    Colorado voters passed Amendment 64 in 2013, which made recreational marijuana usage legal in the state starting on January 1st, 2014. The legalization of marijuana has had both it's upsides (tax revenue for education) and downsides (blamed for increases in crime and housing costs). One of the major concerns about legalization was how to prevent drugged driver, or driving while under the influence…Read More